Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cooking for Heroin Addicts

Breakfast time for a heroin addict can be challenging. If, perchance, the body makes a point that it needs food rather than more drugs, what exactly does one do to satisfy this essential human need? With recipes and all the accessories one normally needs -- like a kitchen, stove, cookware, etc., cooking can have a countless number of complications and pitfalls. What's a junkie supposed to do if he's really jonesing for some pancakes?

Fortunately, I was recently directed to a website that is geared to the junkie audience and understands the modalities one would need for a successful breakfast. Instead of some obscure, confusing recipe to follow, you get a step by step visual guide to follow that will help you make perfect flapjacks every time. The only thing you're going to have to learn on your own? Portion control.

(Thanks to Andrew Sullivan for pointing me in the right direction!)

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