Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Little Pony

Michael Bojangles 007So yesterday was my birthday... thanks everyone for the comments! The highlight of my day was having dinner with Adam, Dyanna, Kacy & the Greg at Flavors of India in Phoenix. We hadn't gotten together since July, so it was a happy reunion. We tend to be a bit of a rowdy bunch when we get together -- at Dyanna's last birthday we had an older couple ask to be moved away from our table when we started talking about sex toys and a similar experience with Kacy's birthday. This evening was no different.

To make this day just a little more special, Adam & Dyanna gave me a purple unicorn we dubbed "Michael Bojangles," after Michael from Texas, who was not physically present, but with us in spirit. This sassy unicorn got his own place at the table, which did seem to puzzle our waitress, but no more so than Dyanna trying to explain that she was trying to order food without any onions... that said, our waitress seemed to be puzzled easily, as the Greg tried to order a 7 & 7, to no avail.

Michael Bojangles 006After dinner I headed over to Burn for their 1st year anniversary party that my friend Noah had put together. It had a superhero theme (hence the X-Men T-Shirt I was wearing) and brought in DJ Alexander from LA. I usually enjoy guest DJs and I hadn't heard Alexander before, so it was great to hear someone new. Turnout was great and a couple friends of mine had just moved back to town from San Diego and I was glad to be able to spend the evening with them.

Anyway, in the past I'd not really looked forward to my birthday and this went a long way to help me change my attitude on birthdays. Here's hoping that I have even more to celebrate next year.

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