Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cat Fiction

I was browsing through the new releases at the library and by chance I ran across something that seemed peculiar: Cat fiction. Ok, I know genre fiction can be pretty odd in and of itself, but I never imagined that there was such a beast as cat murder mysteries. What was even more disturbing was that I ended up seeing two or three more books right after I had noticed the first one... and that

Now let me say that I am a cat person -- I generally enjoy them (though that doesn't make me anti-dog) but I don't have 5 cats running around like some people I know and the whole LOLcats phenomenon nauseates me. Generally I figure that the people who spend their days looking at pictures of cats with lame captions simply have no prospects of ever having sex, so what else are they going to do, right?

Never had I imagined that one would think to combine murder-mystery fiction with cats. I just never knew the crazy cat demographic was that strong. I guess I simply underestimated this insane world of ours. If there's a market for cat fiction and clown porn, there's really a market for just about anything. I guess deep down, its a life affirming discovery because if people are willing to shell out some coin for stuff like that, somewhere there's got to be some major coin out there for me.

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