Sunday, March 30, 2008

Movin On Up 2

More Portland Place 2I ended up back at Portland Place this weekend -- I was invited to a big gay party that one of the residents had on the roof Saturday night. As I mentioned before, I could really get used to things like this. My friend Jayson and I agreed that it's the perfect location to be Phoenix's version of Top of the Park in San Diego.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the San Diego scene, the Park Manor hotel in San Diego, located right next to Balboa Park, hosts a big cocktail party on their roof on Friday evenings. The gays are there en masse. Hot gay men, cocktails and breathtaking views. It's a winning combination.
More Portland Place 1
Of course, the breathtaking views weren't limited to the Japanese Friendship Garden or downtown. There were some very hot bartenders as well. I'm usually kind of wary of hot straight bartenders, but these guys ended up being very friendly, and combine that with a hosted bar, it made for a great time.

More Portland Place 3One of the things that I enjoyed most, in hindsight, is knowing that only a few days ago I blogged about enjoying my last visit to Portland Place, and let the Universe know that I'd dig more. Well, thank you, Universe, for such a speedy reply. You did a great job!

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