Monday, March 17, 2008

It Depends - pt. 2

I'm going to break up the CD into a few more sections, for easier digestion.
"This is an anthem for the girl that got away, this is an anthem for the war of yesterday..."

I ended up with this track after a friend asked me about it. I felt like it was the perfect way to start off the CD -- knowing that sometimes it is really easy for me to look back at life and see all the things that haven't worked out as planned. I doubt I'm unique in that, though I'm slowly coming to realize just how much energy I've tied up in old disappointment and resentment.

Track 2 - Perfect Color (Jason Tregebov Remix) - Tanto Project
(Available at Resonant Vibes)
"You're the perfect color in my life..."

This is an odd sort of melancholy love song with an electro vibe., which I really liked as a follow up to the last track -- on one hand I think it has a similar emotional feel to me -- a sense of longing for something lost... at the same time, I really wanted to remind myself of a larger point -- that so much of my experience is limited by those disappointments and resentments I've been carrying around. As long as I'm willing to continue carrying all that around, the sort of grey drabness is the perfect color for my life.

The other aspect that was important to me was the electro vibe. I'm not a big fan of electro -- many of the electro tracks I've heard have a difficult time conveying a sense of emotion, which is really the foundation of how I DJ. Fortunately, I felt like the electro aspects of this track really did a great job of conveying the sort of noisy, static-y feel I wanted.
"How many years, how many days? It depends."

I love this track -- there's a reason I used it as the title track. A big chunk of the past few years of my life has been wanting things around me to change. Through it all I've asked myself when things would finally turn. As this track points out -- it depends. Getting back to the past couple of tracks, so much of it gets back to letting go of those things that have been holding me back. At the same time, I can't escape the fact that while it's much easier to keep doing things the way I've always done them, the responsibility still rests squarely on me.

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