Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It Depends pt. 3

I ended my last post with the title track of the disc and a distinct electro vibe. As I've mentioned before, I'm not really a big fan of electro but in some ways I've felt like I've been forcing myself to follow the trend simply because it's the trend. With this track I was trying to bridge the gap between the trend and introducing the elements of what I really want to do. Overall I felt like the contrast between the noisy quality of the electro style and the pretty aspect of the guitar really worked well. Once again, I feel like it's just a metaphor for the process I've been going through in my life for a while -- learning to be willing to start putting more of myself out there in the hope that things can work. Oh, and "Love & Cuddles" is a cool name for a track.

Track 5 - Canta Conmigo (Funky Junction Spanish Vocal Mix) - Blue Man Group
"Si te invito a jugar, no vas a negar, tu verás que inseguro soy, igual que los demás. / If I invite you to play, you won't be able to deny it, you'll see I'm insecure like everyone else."

I love this track; I blogged about it a few months ago. Along with the overall sound I've been aiming for, the lyrics of this track are really at the heart of things -- Si yo canto así, ¿te unirás a mí o cantando solo, sigo, desde aquí? / If I sing like this, will you join me or will I keep on singing by myself?"

I guess that's the fundamental issue I've run into as a DJ (and as a person) -- bumping into people who essentially say, "Who are you to play what you want instead of what I want you to play?" In my waning days at Miami, the owner pulled me aside and told me he had gotten a couple of nasty emails saying that the DJ (me) sucked because he wasn't playing all the music they wanted to hear and that maybe they'd enjoy the music if it was from "somebody" like an out of town big name DJ, but since I was just a nobody Phoenix DJ, I should play what they like.

Standing back, it's easy to say, "Screw them, they don't matter." Of course, I've also had others tell me that it's just as important to satisfy the market that's out there. I'm not famous, I don't have piles of money, so yeah, who am I to want to do what I want to do? What sets me apart from all the other poor schmoes out there? Si yo canto así, ¿te unirás a mí o cantando solo, sigo, desde aquí?

"Yesterday's gone, lost in the past, try to hang on, but it's fading fast..."

This track does break with the particular sound of the past couple of tracks but I chose it because it's the best answer to the question from the last track. Honestly, for most of my life I was content to try and please people, though it never really worked. In some ways, I've tried to cling on to some of that past because it's familiar. But like the song says, it's fading fast. And while the process hasn't always been smooth, learning to follow my heart just feels too good to ignore. "Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide when you shine on me..."

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