Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Different Tribe

Sunday Night Chris and I went to go see Markus Schultz at Myst, in Scottsdale. I hadn't been to Myst in years -- the last time I had gone it was still known as Sanctuary. I've not really gotten into your big, mainstream trance DJs - I've found that the straight DJs I've heard, whether they do trance our house, seem to do something very different from what I expect and do as a DJ. Usually I wonder if it's a matter of me not quite getting what they do, or them just not doing the kinds of things I listen for.

In any event, Markus Schultz holds a pretty special place in the hearts of Phoenix DJs -- I'm not sure if he was originally from the area or just lived and played here for a while prior to hitting the big time, but the point is that he's a hometown hero for many of us. On top of it all, it was a chance to see a world-class DJ for $15, so it was a good deal.

The thing about going to Myst (it really hasn't changed much from when it was Sanctuary) is that the place is SO much nicer than any gay club I've had the pleasure to visit. The other thing that strikes me is that the dance floor is MUCH smaller than one would expect for such a large space.

Despite all of that, I'd love to play in a place like that -- the sound system is wonderful, the lighting was good, they had the cool system that blasts you with cold air and what I suspect were little dry ice crystals. I'd also love if the gay community here could have a club of that caliber.

As I mentioned before, I don't necessarily "get" the music of most of the straight DJs I hear, and Markus was no different. There was really only one memorable song for me -- a kind of almost electro vibe with major chunks of Aerosmith's "Dream On." Haven't been able to locate it, so if anyone out there knows where I can find it, please let me know. That said, it felt great to be on a packed dance floor that was cheering and enthusiastic, even if I didn't quite feel the vibe and couldn't understand why they were cheering when they did. I imagine it's the same feeling people get when they go to a Catholic Mass for the first time -- sit, stand, sit, stand, sit, kneel, stand... etc. You don't know why, you just do it. No question, it's like visiting a different tribe altogether.

As I danced and observed the whole thing, I suppose the part that struck me was just the level of showmanship that Markus displayed -- my impression was that it had less to do with the music itself (although it's important) and more to do with the sheer joy and enthusiasm he showed for the crowd and the music. For my own part, it was a great lesson because that's something I've missed in most of my career as a DJ. It really sparked the idea that it's all about letting myself feel the joy of doing something I love so much.

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