Tuesday, May 13, 2008

First Steps

I've been talking for a while about how I had been waiting for the next step to emerge. Prior to my trips back to Notre Dame and Philly it was looking like things in my life were standing on the brink. So, I asked the Universe to bring that next step for me once I got back from Philly, and to give me a very specific sign so that I know how to recognize this step.

As I waited at the Minneapolis airport (yes, I did look for the Larry Craig stall -- I don't think they had any signs or maps), I got a call out of the blue for some work that is somewhat out of my area of expertise. I decided to follow up because you just never know how these things play out. As it happened, the sign that I had asked from the Universe emerged, letting me know that this was, indeed, the step I had asked for. The step was there, I just had to take it.

One of the things I tried to take from my trips to ND and Philly was that I can try new and different things and have very good experiences, even if things don't always go as planned. I guess that's been one of the things I had used to hold myself back -- the fear of things going wrong. Well, sometimes things don't go as planned... actually, that happens a lot. At the same time, it was good for me to realize that I don't necessarily need to be "in control" of things to take advantage of them.

So with this new opportunity, there's still some of those lingering doubts and fears, but I've really tried to keep in mind these recent lessons. I'm tired of being afraid of the future -- there's too much cool stuff waiting for me. At some point, you have to stop waiting for things to be perfect because there's always going to be something that doesn't quite measure up. As long as I keep looking at the things that aren't quite to my liking, I miss all the rest of the cool stuff I'd otherwise enjoy.

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