Thursday, November 18, 2004

What's all the hubbub, bub?

I don't pay too much attention to the TV world, unless it's on the WB, but this grabbed my attention. Apparently, ABC used a racy opener to the most recent Monday Night Football to plug its new hit, Desperate Housewives. Predictably, after the intro aired, some viewers complained and now the FCC is griping, ABC, the NFL and the team are falling over themselves to apologize for having such horrible judgment. One NFL coach even went as far as to say that the skit was racist. I ended up seeing a clip of the intro on another program today. My reaction: Big fuckin' deal. What I DO find rather pathetic is the predictable knee-jerk reaction by the right wing "Family" Organizations and the boatloads of mea culpas that followed. First of all, this whole firestorm has only given ABC the publicity it was hoping for. Second of all, I wonder what upsets the Christian Crusaders more? 1) Something that frankly deals with sexuality; 2) the prospect of a sexual encounter between a black man and a white woman; 3) the prospect of a conversation between a black man and a white woman that does not include the phrase, "Would you like fries with that?"; 4) the prospect of a woman being a sexual aggressor; or 5) the prospect of millions of women watching a show that recognizes the emptiness of their cookie cutter, "A woman should stay home and take care of the kids" kind of 50s lifestyle?

One thing that this whole incident does bring up is: Where in the world is Shannon Tweed? She's really the queen of the whole Desperate Housewives kind of genre, making her career out of playing roles like naughty schoolteacher, naughty neigbor, naughty legal secretary and naughty optometrist in direct to video titles. Personally, I think Desperate Housewives owes its very existence to Shannon Tweed - they should write her into the series. After all, they should really call the genre "Shannon Acendent!"


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