Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Hot Straight Guys...

Every once in a while I do alcohol promotions at various bars around town. Last night I had a promotion for Captain Morgan's at Roscoe's, a gay sports bar in Phoenix. Usually when I do promotions at gay bars in town, they have trouble finding guys to work them with me. Last night, they ended up sending these two straight guys (they are the upstairs neighbor of the woman who runs the agency) to cover the event. Let me tell you, these guys were very straight and HOT! From the moment they walked in the bar, they both had the deer in the headlights look. They were both noticably uncomfortable. Roscoe's is a sports bar and is very laid back -- it's not the type of place where a bunch of guys were going to come up and start pawing them. (I sure wouldn't have minded pawing both of them, but I [usually] don't do stuff like that...) Never the less, our job was to go through the bar and tell people about the special and pass out promotional stuff. I don't think I remember them going and approaching any of the people there... they just hung behind me as I went around the bar. Later in the promotion, they loosened up a bit -- a couple of drinks didn't hurt. Anyway, I think all straight men should be required to hang out in a gay bar for a while to get a sense of the way women are often treated -- it's pretty unnerving to go from predator to prey... It reminded me that society at large needs to be exposed to the gay perspective. I would hope that people might do things differently if they could experience the world in a different way, even for a little while.


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