Wednesday, November 03, 2004


I've really been struggling all day to regain a sense of perspective after the election. I've really worked hard to be the type of person that doesn't take this world too personally. In spite of it all, I just can't escape the reality that I am just incredibly hurt and angry. The sad reality is that in this election, Bush & Co. had absolutely nothing to sell but fear and 57 million Americans bought it with a smile and a "Praise Jesus." What's worse is the reality that the vast majority of Americans seem to think that gay marriage is a bigger threat than suicide bombers. Despite overwhelming evidence that this is the most corrupt and cynical administration in history, they still won. Just amazing.

Zen Buddhism teaches that one of the big lessons of this world is that we're way too quick to judge events as good or bad -- it really takes time to sort things out. In my personal life, I have to admit that this is true -- even what I felt were my darkest hours always worked out for the best. So, I'm trying to remind myself of that lesson in the light of this whole fiasco... if you haven't noticed, that whole process isn't going real well right now...