Sunday, November 14, 2004

In The Navy...

Last night was the annual M.E.A.T. party (don't ask me what M.E.A.T. stands for...), which is a military themed house party in Scottsdale. This was the second year I've gone and it's always a good time and a big party. Unfortunately, when I sold my condo earlier this year, a big chunk of my clothes (and most of my themed party clothing) went into storage. That meant no military themed outfit for me. I did feel a little out of place at the start, but after a couple of drinks, I really didn't care.

One of the fun little things at the party is that when you arrive, you get a little tag where you declare whether you're a top, bottom or versatile. It was interesting because 1) I got to find out a little about some of the guys I've been wondering about; and 2) it's funny how many of the big ol' bottoms I know are not comfortable coming out and saying that they're big ol' bottoms. You know how the saying goes -- "Just 'cause you sit on it doesn't make you a top." Of course, a couple of guys there I've had my eye on for a while, big built guys... end up being big bottoms... Just the way I like 'em!

Anyway, there was a hell of a lot of booze flowing, which kept things well lubricated. This was an interesting party because I ended up talking with many more people than I usually do. I guess being nice and drunk helped. Seriously, though, I ended up talking with some guys that I've always found incredibly attractive but had not really had the opportunity to really engage with. I should know this lesson by now, but I'm always surprised when that happens... I guess I still feel like that awkward high school kid that didn't really know where he fit in. Still, it's a nice surprise when you're talking with someone you've always thought is hot and then you notice he's grabbing your ass.


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