Monday, January 03, 2005

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

Today has been a wet, rainy day here in Phoenix. We're in a desert and in the middle of a drought, to boot, so you don't really think of Phoenix as a rainy place... usually the rain comes during the monsoon season in late August-through September and you get these very loud, impressive thunderstorms that pound on you for a while and then peter out and move on. Well, it's been dark, cloudy and wet all day today. I'm not used to that. It was like that a couple of days last week. It kind of makes me wonder what life in Seattle is like. Sitting around, drinking Starbucks and watching episodes of Frasier... Heh! The rain inspired me to snuggle under the covers, pet my cat, Stinky, and have a nice cup of tea.

Tomorrow's the day I finally get my fat ass back to the gym.


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