Wednesday, December 22, 2004

What a Twisted World...

I've done a lot of work the past few years trying to release my notions of how the world should be. Nonetheless, there are some things in this world that challenge my sense of justice. I can think of no bigger injustice than Corey Feldman still having an acting career. Because Beastmaster is on Sci-Fi Channel, I've been seeing ads for their newest original film - Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys, starring Corey Feldman. Ok, it's clear from the title that the quality of this movie is going to be pretty bad, but that anyone would openly advertise itself as starring Corey Feldman condemns it to the realm of the mindnumbingly awful. It remains to be seen if they can redeem it somewhat by parlaying things into the realm of camp, ala Showgirls. One would think that Feldman would have the self respect to follow his one-time movie-mate, Corey Haim into a cocaine-induced seclusion.

On a more positive note, if Feldman decides to continue on the acting path, I think he should lobby to have either a movie or off-Broadway show about Harvey Fierstein's life. He would have to put on some weight and try to nail down Harvey's distinctive voice, otherwise, he's a dead ringer. If not that, you could put them in a production together as sort of a Dr. Evil/Mini-Me pair.

For those of you who just can't get enough of Corey, check out this performance review of The Corey Feldman Band. Yes, apparently the illustrious Mr. Feldman tried life as a grunge rocker. Read about the trainwreck for yourself.


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