Saturday, March 12, 2005

No! Wire! Hangers! Ever!

I was wondering to myself what the hell Jacko was aiming for when he had all that plastic surgery. Thanks to Perez Hilton for finally showing me the light. I didn't realize that Michael's life long ambition was literally to metamorphosize into Joan Crawford. Well, he may scores of still-adoring fans and the surgery did help, but he's way off on the chuzpah. Somehow I can't really picture him yelling, "Tito! Bring me the axe!"

All in all, I know there's a lot of Michael Jackson humor going on out there, but I really feel sorry for the guy. He basically had no childhood and a whacked out family. I mean hello, LaToya? And how good can you feel about yourself if you need to go out and turn yourself into THAT? What a tragedy. So much talent...


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