Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Go Irish!

College football season is almost upon us. I've always been a college football fan... I remember going to games with my family growing up. When I went off to college, I went to Notre Dame, which is one of the hubs of the college football world. Basically football is the glue that holds the community there together. I've never really lost that passion and I always look forward to the start of a new season. Of course, as a card carrying homosexual, I can appreciate some different aspects of football than the general straight male would. The prime example: ND's Junior Quarterback, Brady Quinn. (Thanks to BoiFromTroy for the pic!) From all I've gathered, he's intelligent, talented, a great representative of the University... and OMG could he be any fricken hotter? Ah yes, there's a reason they call a QB at Notre Dame "The Golden Boy," and he sure fits that to a tee. Honestly, I'd love ND football even if Brady weren't incredibly attractive, but it sure makes things that much more interesting. GO IRISH!


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