Monday, October 10, 2005

A Rare Gift!

Ok, I am one of those odd homosexuals that actually enjoys sports. I may not be able to play them, but I enjoy watching them... and some of the athletes are f'in HOT. Anyway, I'm not the biggest baseball fan, but since the Diamondbacks started playing, I have a moderate level of interest. In the short time the D'Backs have been in existence, I have learned to hate the Yankees, much the same way I hate the Cowboys and Red Wings. Its not just that their teams are successful and my teams are less so, but its also that their fans are insufferable.

I took particular pleasure in my D'Backs winning their first World Series against the Yankees in 2001, and in dramatic fashion, at that. When the Red Sox finally won the World Series last season, coming from behind to beat the Yankees in the ALCS, I figured, what better poke in the eye to the Yankees than for the Red Sox to win the Series... Especially Randy Johnson forced a trade to New York. Ugh. What a fool I was.

Flash forward to today -- with that annoying Jimmy Fallon movie to boot, I've learned that the Red Sox fans are as insufferable as the Yankees fans... So, a pox on both their houses... and Randy Johnson's too. And this postseason has delivered -- both the Yankees and Red Sox lose in the first round. A rare gift for the sporting world to enjoy.


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