Friday, November 25, 2005

ASU 23, UA 20

Having grown up in the shadow of Arizona State University with both of my parents as alumni, I've always had an almost pathalogical hatred of the University of Arizona. The culmination of this animosity comes every November, the day after Thanksgiving when ASU and UA square off in football. Growing up, ASU usually had the better team but for a 10 year stretch, somehow ASU would find a way to lose the game. It didn't matter what the records were or that ASU would outplay UA, every game something would inevitably happen - a key injury or botched play - that would change the momentum and hand the game to UA. What's even more maddening is that fate was never in ASU's favor... until today. This was a game where ASU struggled throughout most of the game but a punt return for a touchdown and a couple of key injuries allowed ASU to rally from 15 points down in the second half to pull out the win on a last second field goal. By all rights, we should have lost this game and yet the final score is in the record books. Damn, this almost feels as good as if we would have just pounded them. Nice to be on the winning side for a change.


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