Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Pre-Turkey Buildup...

Its been an EXTREEEEEEEEMLY slow day at work today and I've been wondering why I have to be here on Friday when most of the rest of the country will be having turkey sandwiches and watching football.

That's not the way to get into the Thanksgiving spirit, so let's talk about what I'm thankful for... Lord knows I've bitched enough about all the stuff I don't like.

20 Things I'm Thankful For:

1. My family. Sure they're crazy, but they're mine. And I have to admit that I couldn't ask for a more supportive and loving bunch...

2. My cat, Stinky. He is SUCH a good kitty! Even with his movie star good looks, he still hangs out with me.

3. Paulie - he's been with me through some of the nasty downs, and hopefully for a whole heckuva lot of ups to come.

4. Mr. Donut Jelly himself, Adam - How many people would let me use the hotel room while I shagged the beefy Italian guy in Palm Springs?

5. Scott - Its amazing how someone I've never met in person could become such a good friend. Thanks for showing me what true strength is all about.

6. Music - for giving my soul a voice.

7. My gig at Club Miami - I never knew how much I really loved the music until I started playing here.

8. My girl squirrel, Michelle. We speak the same kinda crazy, which is a rare thing.

9. All the cool blog people I've met. Being able to share with people I would have never gotten to meet otherwise is a wonderful thing.

10. A pretty kick ass planet - hey, we're not perfect but there's a whole lot to love.

11. The US - We're still working the bugs out, but one of these days we'll live up to our ideals of liberty and justice for all.

12. Hot mens - as if I needed any more proof that there is a God.

13. Brett and Alyson - for their encouragment.

14. My mom's chicken tacos. Mmm, they're my favorite!

15. My new cell phone - it plays mp3s! WOO HOO!

16. Notre Dame. I still cry when when we sing the Alma Mater.

17. All the teachers I've had who have nurtured me over the years.

18. All of my friends, near and far.

19. The 9 months of the year that aren't summer here in Phoenix.

20. Sleep. Does anything feel better after a long day?


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