Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Big. Blond. Beef!

This past weekend was a very good one at Miami - the weekend after Thanksgiving apparently is always very busy. Music-wise, I feel like I've gotten a lot better very quickly -- that seems to be the consensus from the feedback I've gotten, too.

Anyway, for the record, I'm the romantic type. Will always choose love over lust and all that. Given the notable absence of love in my life, however, I have to confess that up in the DJ booth, I've had a few... distractions.

Friday night featured a couple of different ones. First, a guy I've seen out for the past several years. In his mid to late 30s I'd wager, 5'8" or so, blond, and very well built. I've always seen him on the edge of the dance floor but never venturing on it... come on, Mr. Beef, either take your shirt off and shake your moneymaker on the dance floor or come on up to the DJ booth. One or the other, quit riding that fence.

The other one was just breathtaking. Around 6'2", also in his mid 30s, blond, and just big - not overly so, but just a whole lot of man. Oh my. The big drawback - he's apparently straight. I've seen him mack on a woman on my dancefloor. That's just wrong. Of course, I've seen him at the bar several times, which always raises a question. My, my, the things I could do with that man.

Saturday night featured one I can't really described as beef - too young, so I guess you could call him veal, but not really big enough to be called veal. Anyway, blond, young, very attractive, and rather stunning when he's gyrating shirtless. I was having a very good night musically Saturday - the crowd was rocking and I decided to take a quick trip down to the dance floor and managed to get an introduction -- he was rather sloshed and named Kirk. My, my. I told my friend that I would stop the music immediately unless I got Kirk as my very own. Sadly, Kirk left later with some other trick and I was left in the DJ booth all by my lonesome. The one that got away. *sigh* I'll just add him to my list.

Whoever said that DJing was a good way to get some action was sorely mistaken. Still, there's some great eye candy.


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