Wednesday, November 09, 2005


So, I managed to track down a copy of Madonna's soon-to-be-released Confessions On A Dance Floor. (I have my secret DJ ways, so don't ask) I like Madonna, though I generally treat her like any other artist - there's stuff of hers that I like and stuff that I don't. We're having an official Madonna CD release party at the club on Monday, so I'm going to have to listen to the CD whether I like it or not.

As you can guess from the title, the album is very dancey -- similar to her Ray of Light album. In fact, each of the tracks flow into each other, almost like you'd find on a mixed dance CD, though not to that extent. Musically, the entire CD is very well done, especially if you're into electronic music.

As for the content itself... something about this album rubs me the wrong way. There's plenty there that I like, a couple of tracks that I guess were trying to be insightful came off as pretentious to me, nothing that I really loved, and the "I Love New York" track, I just can't stand.

All in all, a pretty good effort by Madonna, but not the earth-shattering, groundbreaking spectacle I've heard some people label this. But then again, I'm very picky.


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