Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I'm Done.

Of the 32 years of my life I can remember, I've spent them swimming upstream, trying to fight my way into making my own place in this world, mainly because I didn't have much of a choice -- things have always worked differently for me. And so, over my lifetime, I've really done my best to learn to be myself and bringing my own unique perspective to the world. Its always been a battle and I've had my moments where I've wanted to chuck it all... but I've always rallied under the belief that someway, somehow, everything I've worked for for has been worth it.

Until now. Whether its the music or blogging or work or relationships, trying to be myself has gotten me exactly nowhere. All that time I struggled because things didn't feel like they work for me they way the worked for the rest of the world, maybe its just because I didn't try hard enough. Well, enough of that. Fuck it, 'cause it ain't worth it.