Thursday, December 29, 2005


Things have been relatively slow this week, which has been quite nice. I actually took a half-day at work on Monday and managed to go out to lunch with Adam, who was gracious enough to pull himself away from his new almost-boyfriend. (Heh!) Anyway, the original plan was to head over to this Vietnamese place in Scottsdale that ended up being closed. So, as an alternate plan, we drove down into Tempe and went to this relatively new Korean place, Arang, that opened near my house.

While the place does have lunch specials on weekdays, we ended up ordering regular entrees... OMG, we had SO much food. In any event, the food there is excellent and the company was pretty good too! ;) It was a great way to start off the week.

Of course, now I'm girding myself for a VERY long weekend -- Spinning Friday & Sat nights as usual, flying to LA on Sunday for a New Years Day party that evening, returning Monday morning for the Fiesta Bowl. Thankfully, I'm taking Tuesday for a recovery day. Hopefully I'll plenty of dirt to talk about when I get back...


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