Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Holiday Retrospective

Now that New Year's Eve is in the rear view mirror, I figured I'd post a couple of pictures from the holidays before I return to January's normalcy. This is a picture of me and my cousin Diana, who currently lives in Germany and is moving to Singapore to be with her German boyfriend, who just got a job there. I also learned that she had originally moved to Germany to be with her boyfriend (who she met while she was working in Tokyo). Oddly, she hadn't told me that part before she had moved the last time. I've wondered whether I'd be willing to move for the sake of a boyfriend. Haven't been in that position yet.

Here's another cousin, Colleen. She's Diana's younger sister. Colleen is an attorney working at a large New York law firm. Actually, both of them followed me to Stanford for law school. I didn't have any sisters, so these two are the closest thing I have (sisters-in-law don't really count). It was great getting to spend a little time with them. Colleen and I discussed some of the creeps that Diana had dated in the past and I mentioned how while in law school I exercised my family duty to show my displeasure to a guy I felt wasn't treating her well. Diana wasn't happy about it, but Colleen agreed with me and told me that she has done the same thing. We're family; we look after each other. Despite the miles that separate us and that we don't get to talk much, its nice to know that those bonds are still strong.


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