Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A dilemma...

I've got an important question for you all... If you haven't been paying attention, Paul Walker has a new movie out -- Eight Below. Essentially, its a Disney flick involving a pack of sled dogs and Paul Walker in a parka. Now, I'll be honest about this -- generally, I consider Paul Walker's acting skills to be minimal. But, he sure is pretty and if he was going to be shirtless, it might provide some motivation to go see this, given the dearth of decent movies out right now... Of course, a shirtless Paul Walker hasn't been enough to get me to watch any of his movies since Pleasantville, She's All That and Varsity Blues. So, I guess that raises the question for me -- how bad a movie are you willing to see if they're willing to show hot male flesh?

Another interesting point - Paul Walker is actually a couple of months older than me. I have a tough time accepting him in my 30s generation...


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