Thursday, February 09, 2006

Don't Call It A Comeback...

What is it about Hollywood and sham relationships? Of course, there's the major one with an actor who will remain nameless who went on Oprah gushing about how much he loved his new bride to be. If that wasn't bad enough, Tinseltown has tried to revive a relationship we thought was long dead... No, this doesn't have anything to do with Liza Minelli or Star Jones. I'm talking Barbie and Ken. Barbie and Ken had a much publicized split back in 2004 - I figured that the charade had gone on long enough and that Ken had decided to finally be true to himself.

Today, Mattel announced that Ken was tan, rested and supposedly ready to reclaim Barbie's heart. After hitting the gym, the tanning salon and receiving a major makeover from Phillip Bloch, Mattel is trying to rekindle the flames between Barbie and Ken in hopes of boosting Barbie's sagging sales. I hate to say it, but I think this will be about as successful as those Swedish penguins. Now, I'm not saying that Ken is gay, but several reports have placed someone matching Ken's description at West Hollywood's famous "Rage" nightclub the past few weekends.

And can I say that Phillip Bloch showing off Ken's new look has to be one of the gayest things I have EVER seen.


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