Monday, March 20, 2006

A Dose of Good News

Its easy to figure that the world around us is going crazy - after all, its easy to focus on everything that's going wrong. While we can try to blame the media, the deeper truth is that we all contribute to it. Its part of human nature. Specifically, in the gay community, we constantly hear about how one state or another is going to amend their constitution to prevent gay marriage or to prevent gays from adopting. I confess that sometimes I get caught up in the mindset that we're under attack.

An article by Deb Price in the Detroit News tells the rest of the story, though -- that while we may be losing some battles, we're winning the war, so to speak. She explains that "despite all the shouting about how America is being torn apart by culture wars, each new generation is more progressive than the one before -- more accepting of human differences, more willing to tear down walls that needlessly divide people." Looking back at the issue of interracial marriage, we can see this same struggle come to a head and then subside. Younger generations come to accept what would be considered unthinkable to their elders. Of course, its easy to lose that perspective when you're caught up in the middle of things. Thanks to Ms. Price for the reminder.

In other areas, I noticed an article about a young, reformist Islamic preacher, Amr Khaled. Despite the
recent furor over anti-Islamic cartoons and scores of voices preaching hate and intolerance, the reality is that there are other voices out there: voices that preach understanding, compassion, dialogue and co-existance. Not only are they out there, they are starting to resonate. You need only tune out the static of bad news to understand that we're moving in the right direction.


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