Monday, September 18, 2006

Least Favorite Episodes

Ok everybody, you got the chance to hear about the characters I love to hate on BSG. Now its time for my least favorite episodes from the first two seasons. This was a tough call because there weren't really that many episodes I didn't like. Here are the bottom four, and it was a struggle to come up with those. We'll get to the things about BSG I love in a week or so.

Episode 111 - Colonial Day

A quick synopsis -- this episode centers on conflict around the announcement that Tom Zarek is going to be a member of the Quorum of Twelve. A episode of pure politics. Zzzzzzzzzzz.....

Episode 214 - Black Market

Ok there is a black market in the fleet and that is bad and people get hurt because of it. Great. Yes, yes, we're all tainted by that, isn't it awful? Oh, and Apollo has his Pretty Woman experience. Is Dualla that much of a step up?

Episode 215 - Scar

Scar is the big, bad Cylon Raider bogeyman. Kids, you better behave or Scar is going to get you! What's worse is that this episode is all about Kat and her conflict with Starbuck. I can't stand Kat. Bravado is one thing but she's just annoying. The damn stim junkie! SciFi lets you watch the whole episode for free. There's a reason why.

Episode 216 - Sacrifice

Ok, this pretty much has to be the greatest insult to Billy. Not only does he propose to Dualla and get turned down only to find that Dualla is fracking Apollo but then Billy ends up dying at the end trying to save her. That just blows.


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