Monday, October 16, 2006

Military Beef

Ok, I'm not a fan of the Occupation of Iraq, I'm counting the days until Bush's term is finally over, and I'm looking forward to a Democratic Congress that will actually do its job rather than rubberstamping the unconstitutional laws that the Administration proposes. That said, I'm all for supporting our men and women in the military... especially since this Administration talks tough about a strong defense, but is abysmal at things like providing body armor to our soldiers and taking care of those who are injured and their families.

Today Proceed At Your Own Risk takes note of the latest way those who have served have had to raise money to take care of wounded soldiers and their families when Uncle Sam lets them down -- the America's Heroes beefcake calendar.
Now I love beef as much as, if not more than, your average gay man. I love hot military guys even more. That said, how incredibly sad is it when our soldiers have to peddle a beefcake calendar to pay for medical expenses, transportation to funerals, and the like? Somehow I don't think that this is what all the people with the yellow "I Support Our Troops" ribbons on their cars had in mind. Of course, throw in the fact that had these guys gone completely nude they'd face a court marshall. Criticism of the government aside, if you're gonna buy a beefcake calendar, might as well buy one that supports a good cause.


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