Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Ok, being in a car accident generally sucks all around. That said, if you have to be in one and you manage to walk away uninjured, I'm of the opinion that you take that, even if it costs you your car. That's why they have insurance. Anyway, the accident was over a month ago (no, I decided not to blog about it until now) and they've just decided that they're going to total out the car as opposed to repair it. All of this was going on during the holidays, so I understand why its taken some extra time, but I'm bordering on frustration. Doing my best to just let things happen in their own time, but dammit, I want my car back. Anyway, I called the insurance company to follow up and get a sense of what needs to happen to get a check so I can finally get a new car. My gripe is this: After entering the agent's extension (that's why they give it to you), I had to wait 8 minutes and go through two operators only to make it to voicemail. I don't mind leaving a voicemail but having to listen to a recording of a woman who sounds like Patty and Selma from the Simpsons talking about how important my call was just adding insult to injury. I want this to be over already.

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