Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hot Stuff

Friday night was taco night over at Alexander's. Now before you start thinking "taco night" is a code for viewing lesbian porn, I had decided to make chicken tacos for dinner and Alex and I watched movies. Movie #1, which neither of us had seen, was John Tucker Must Die. Let's be honest here, I could tell you whether it was a decent movie or not but the only reason I picked this movie was to see Jesse Metcalfe. Now I've no idea whether the guy can act or not, even having watched the movie, but he sure is pretty. Now I know some of you are wondering if there's any chance that anyone who is THAT manscaped could possibly be heterosexual. I don't know the answer to that but apparently Jesse does not appreciate those questions. Be warned.

That said, from what I've learned, Jesse isn't doing too well these days -- his girlfriend just dumped him for being a complete control freak, he's been in and out of rehab, the movie roles haven't exactly been rolling in... Sounds like Jesse hasn't been the happiest of campers...

...which brings me to our second movie, The Boys In The Band. This classic gay film, about a supposedly straight friend accidentally invited to a gay birthday party, was Hollywood's first look at gay life was released in 1970. Its not available on DVD, so I hadn't seen it before. Alex and I agreed that a lot of the dynamics we see in gay culture are still very similar -- much of the dialogue is recognizable from modern gay life. Personally, I was surprised that Hollywood would even approach the subject at the time -- still only a year after Stonewall. I'd like to believe that the level of self loathing that permeates the film has diminished over time -- certainly there's still work to be done but I don't think anyone could question that we've come a long way.

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