Tuesday, December 07, 2004

This Answers SO Many Questions...

If you're like me, you're a big fan of Donut Jelly and its author, Adam. Of course, being a curious sort, I've always wondered just what makes Adam so appealing. I mean, he's got GeekSlut all hot and bothered, so it can't just be me, right? Is it the unique combination of geeky, sexy, coolness?

Fortunately, I may have stumbled on the answer. I just saw an Irish movie called About Adam. The main two characters are Lucy, played by Kate Hudson, her two sisters, Laura and Alice, and Adam, played by the delicious Stuart Townsend. To make a long story short, Lucy meets Adam at the restaurant where she works. She's drawn to Adam because he seems so different from the men she's dated in the past. In fact, she even ends up asking him out. She and Adam seem to have the perfect relationship and she ends up asking Adam to marry her, to which he agrees.

We then get to see the story from the point of view of each of her two sisters, Laura and Alice, as well as her brother, David. In short, we find that Adam also has an affair with Laura, and shag's David's girlfriend. Adam also attempts to seduce Alice, but she catches onto him and discovers the affair between Adam and Laura. Alice confronts Adam and decides to shag him anyway, right before the wedding.

There are two striking things about this movie and about Adam: First is that Adam winds up being a completely different character from the perspective of each of the other characters. In essense, he ends up being exactly what the other characters are wanting and needing at the time. Second, Adam ends up being a catalyst for each of the characters, helping them each change in positive ways. You would think that a man who comes in and shags both of his fiancee's sisters and brother's girlfriend would come off as quite the scoundrel. The amazing thing is that everyone winds up with a happy ending and it's all because of Adam. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Adam is played by Stuart Townsend, who is incredibly attractive and brings so many different aspects to the character that he's impossible not to like.

In essense, I think that this movie really describes the core of what our good friend Adam is all about. Beyond the youthful good looks, he gives each of us what we want and need all while making us happy.

Maybe you'll buy that, maybe not, but at least it was an entertaining movie.


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