Monday, January 31, 2005

We're Being Hailed...

This was a really strange weekend weather-wise here in Phoenix. Friday night was a little chilly, but nice - I ended up going to dinner at Z-Tejas with someone I've kinda been going out with the past couple of weeks (!). Anyway, Saturday was downright cold and grey... I went out to grab some lunch and when I finished it started raining really hard, which is not all THAT unusual, I suppose. As I drove home, it seemed like the rain started coming down even harder... that is, until I realized my car was actually being pelted with hail. Fortunately, it wasn't golf ball-sized or anything -- more like pea-sized. Still, I rushed home to make sure that Stinky was ok. Of course, he was just fine - he's smarter than a lot of people I know. Once I got home, the storm seemed to get worse -- the hail came down harder and there were several loud thunderclaps, which isn't unusual for August, but is unheard of in January. I was ready for the tornado to swoop down, pick up my house and take me and Stinky to Oz. All in all, I felt more like Lt. Uhura from Star Trek... "Captain! The Klingons are hailing us!"


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