Thursday, August 11, 2005

I Didn't Know...

Having brought my copy of Jagged Little Pill Acoustic to work yesterday, I lent it to my coworker, Philip. As we were chatting, he brought up You Oughta Know and said that he had heard that Alanis had written the song about Dave Coulier, better known as Uncle Joey of Full House infamy. "What an absurd notion," I replied. Imagine my surprise when I was surfing the internet today and did a Google search on the two only to find that a) yes, they had dated and b) it seems not just plausible, but highly possible that this is actually the case. The thought of Alanis going down on Uncle Joey in a theater just makes me violently ill. What a twisted world we live in. I am much more comfortable with the idea of Alanis going down on Ryan Reynolds in a theater. Pretty much Ryan Reynolds and anything are ok with me.


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