Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Another blow...

Well, I had been kinda down after this weekend, but with everything going on I was planning to head down to Tucson on the 17th because Brett Henrichsen was going to be spinning down there. In addition to being a great DJ, Brett is also one of the sweetest people I've had the opportunity to meet (not to mention his devistatingly beautiful blue eyes) and I was looking forward to talk with him for a bit, especially because I haven't gotten to see him in about a year. Unfortunately, they cancelled the event, which was to be held at the Tucson Convention Center, because they will be using the TCC to house survivors of Hurricane Katrina. Without question, this is the right thing - helping those who were impacted by the Katrina is much more important, and I am going to donate the money I was spending on my hotel on the relief effort. At the same time, I am incredibly disappointed. This is the 4th time in the past year I had hoped to go see Brett and the 4th time life has intervened.



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