Thursday, September 15, 2005

Battle On, Xena!

This month marks the 10th Anniversary of the first appearance of Xena, Warrior Princess. Although I'm gay as can be, I just can't deny that Xena kicked some major ass. From the campy humor, simmering lesbian subtext to all the hunky extras clad in leather, this show was a classic. I guess one of the things I loved about the show, aside from the hunky guys clad in leather, was that it was able to walk a line between not taking itself too seriously and still being able to tackle serious things.

Add to it that Aries, the God of War, was HOT HOT HOT - an aside: there was an episode of Hercules where Aries switched places with Cupid and became the God of Love... clad in white satin and sequins... FAB-U-LOUS! - long story short, this was a show definitely worth watching. Unfortunately, now its been exiled to the Oxygen network. *sigh* Xena deserves better.