Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Hobson's Choice

After my last entry regarding the Weblog Awards, I noticed myself getting sucked into the whole left/right, Democrat/Republican mindset I've worked hard to escape. While I'm particularly hostile to the current Administration as well as the Republicans in Congress and see the disgusting amount of greed and corruption there, I remember that it was not always the case. Not too long ago, however, the Democrats were the party of greed and corruption. I could argue that the GOP has raised corruption to an art form, but honestly, its just a matter of whoever is in power gets to abuse that power. And so, its a Hobson's Choice - it looks like a choice, but really, there isn't one. The whole system is messed up and unless and until there's some sort of pressure to reform the system as a whole, it'll just be more of the same.


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