Monday, December 05, 2005

Vote For Pedro!

Ok, I'm not sure how the nominate these folks, but our good buddy Ethan at Brat Boy School was nominated for Best LGBT Blogs for the 2005 Weblog Awards. Now there are some blogs that were nominated that I dig - Towleroad, BlogActive, along with Brat Boy School. Now, I went ahead and took a gander at each of these blogs and discovered that 7 of the 15 nominees are politically based conservative blogs, not including Ethan. (Ethan's not openly partisan, but clearly voices his conservative bent... which would make it 8 out of 15). Of the remaining 7, only one (BlogActive) is overtly political with a clear leftward view. I didn't see anything from my quick survey that would suggest the other 6 were have any kind of major political message. (I do read Towleroad regularly and I feel comfortable making that statement about his blog) To be honest, this seems like they've stacked the deck to make sure a gay conservative blog wins. That's lame.

I did vote for Ethan - he's a good guy and I enjoy the work he's put into things... at the same time, where's Pedro when you need him?


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