Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Some Days, You Can't Lose...

Only a couple more days before Brokeback Mountain is finally released, although supposedly its only opening on 5 screens this weekend... Lord knows when it will finally make it out to Phoenix. I'm definitely a sucker for a good love story and good gay love stories are pretty rare... (Latter Days is one of my all time favorite movies)

What I find rather fascinating is the silence coming from the Christian-right. Apparently, several groups have considered sort of boycott or protest campaign and have finally wised up: "We would almost be doing them a favor if we were to mount a big campaign -- we'd be making a martyr out of the movie, so to speak. I don't think we want to fall into that."

Oddly enough, they're right. On one hand, these groups can create all sorts of noise which just ends up creating more publicity, which is just what they don't want. On the other hand, they can glower disapprovingly and stand back while people watch the movies they choose and live their lives the best way they see fit, which is exactly what I want (I don't want to speak for anyone else...). Its the ol' "heads I win, tails you lose" sort of thing. Some days, you just can't lose... and I must say that I really like that feeling.


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