Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A LONG Day...

I'm filling in at a friend's company for a couple of days, as I have plenty of time on my hands. It gives me something to do and while I'm not making much money, it beats not making money. While I've enjoyed (and needed) the time off, it feels good to be back in a more productive mode. Another big plus is that I've filled in here before and the people like me, which makes me feel good.

That said, I'm at the receptionist desk and things are generally very slow. It makes for a VERY long day. Its now 4:30 PM and I'm struggling to find things to keep me interested... I run across an article entitled: "Fake Muscles Work Like Real Thing" with the accompanying picture... Oooh, exciting! Kinda like my recent "steroided beef" haiku, right? Nothing quite like some beef to liven up my day, right.

Sadly, its a Discovery Channel article on artificial muscle tissues created for potential mechanical uses. SO not exciting.


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