Monday, June 16, 2008


06042008255One of the things I've been noticing lately, as spring turns to summer in Phoenix, is the desert plants in bloom. When you hear the word "desert," generally the idea of some dry, barren wasteland comes to mind... even to me. Life has evolved some pretty prickly defenses in order to survive in a place where water is scarce. Even with all the spines and thorns, even the sharpest of these still ends up blooming -- I guess that's what's really spoken to me -- the juxtaposition of all the thorns and needles to keep things away and the flowers designed to draw things in. 05082008235

I guess that in some ways I see myself as one of those cacti -- having spent a lot of my life developing defenses to keep people at bay... and at times, forgetting that I was still designed bloom. These days I'm working on having more flower, less thorn.

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