Sunday, June 01, 2008


The woman is 81 years old and still amazing. I confess that I don't know much of her music -- but I went simply to experience such an iconic performer.

The night started out a bit rocky as Adam and I were seated next to older women (on each side) who thought that they needed to hum along (off key and rather loudly) to the Symphony's entire opening set. I was also admonished not to take pictures inside Symphony Hall, despite the fact that I had turned the flash off.

After the intermission (where Adam and I remarked on how eclectic the crowd was), we moved a few rows ahead where there were no humming old women. It made quite a difference.

The audience gave Eartha a wonderful response when she came on -- she wore a black velvet dress with a slit down the left side... after all these years she still looks amazing. What impressed me most was that time doesn't seem to have really have changed who she is or what she does -- I was struck by her warmth, charisma and the fact that she is still a vamp at age 81. That's damn impressive.

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