Tuesday, May 31, 2005

June Top 10

May is just about over, and that means its Homer's favorite time of month... Time for new music on my Radio.Blog! That's right, my June Top 10, featured in Red Magazine, is here for your listening pleasure. A couple of notes: First, I changed the Top 10 a bit since the list went to Red, moving a couple of tracks around and changing a mix of another. Its my list and I can do what I want. ;) Another thing is that I'm having problems getting track 6 converted to the Radio.Blog format. Keep checking back to see if I've figured it out.

Just a quick favor to ask you guys: I know I can count on Homer to listen to the new stuff, but I'm curious as to who else, if anyone, takes advantage of the Radio.Blog. If you do and don't mind adding a comment, I'd appreciate hearing from you! Thanks!


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