Monday, May 16, 2005

The Other Half

In one of the comments on a my last post, someone implied that maybe my "straight" side could use a little nurturing after an ultra gay weekend in Palm Springs. (Trust me, in my book, it didn't come anywhere near being my gayest weekend ever...)

Anyway, in that spirit, I decided to forgo heading to Las Vegas to visit a friend and hear one of my FAVORITE DJs play at Krave in favor of attending a BBQ for my niece's first birthday. Yes, we were in prime breeder mode - we ate grilled meat; we drank beer. While I was the only single person of marrying age, I still felt comfortable enough to comment on what would be an inappropriate gift to give a girlfriend/wife. They moved the big screen TV into the back yard so people could watch boxing. I listened to my brother and his friend throw around the idea of hiring strippers for their 20th year high school reunion. I stayed by the TV as the women watched my sister-in-law opened my niece's gifts. (I gave her the Bilingual Elmo doll and a matching Elmo card... yeah, that's really gay.)

All in all, I stayed for a couple of hours... actually a tad more. At that point, it required visits to three gay bars (Roscoe's, Amsterdam, and Padlock) and making out with a really hot guy visiting from Chicago for me to restore my gay equilibrium. The nice part, aside from making out with a hot guy from Chicago, is that I ended up running into several friends that I hadn't seen in quite a while. Its great to have people around who are glad to see you. Its nice to be missed.

The more I think about it, the more I think that my visit to Breederville was exactly what I needed to get my slumping social life back on track -- kinda like pulling back the catapult before it launches you forward. Hopefully, I'll have enough momentum so I don't have to watch boxing again for a while.


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