Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Interactive Table

Sometimes you just can't bring yourself to NOT make fun of certain people... That was the consensus from last night -- I met fellow bloggers (and new Phoenix residents) Jake and Matt at the Starbucks on Mill Avenue. I know my coffee intake has increased significantly since I started this new job, but Jake and Matt have made Starbucks their religion. Such dedication is refreshing.

They were quite fetching in their motorcycle helmets and riding jackets. I have to admit, they make a very cute couple. While the subject of Jake's ass did come up, for the most part, the conversation bounced around several topics, including lesbian tattoo artists, "bipolar" psychologists addicted to crystal meth and sassy British coworkers. It was quite an enjoyable hour that reaffirmed something I already knew -- I dig the company of creative people. Here's hoping we get a chance to hang out again soon.

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