Tuesday, December 21, 2004

More Pop-Psychology

From Yahoo Personals...

Your Personality Type:

As an Idealist, your mission in life is to make the world a better place. You care about big ideas and big issues, but you're also dedicated to the lives of the people around you. In many ways, you're the ideal friend or co-worker. You have great empathy skills. You give sound advice, but more importantly, you know when to just listen. At work, you're a natural facilitator, motivator, and mentor. You have a gift for promoting harmony and cooperation at work. In fact, few things bother you more than conflicts at work.

Your Love Style:

You want and expect it all—a lasting connection with someone on every level—mental, emotional, sexual, and spiritual.

True Romantics like you are pretty rare. You have a good imagination, which allows you to visualize the type of man you could fall in love with. You can actually see and feel the future happiness the two of you would share. You also have the patience and persistence to search for him. When you finally meet him, the attraction can be instant and overwhelming. True Romantics believe in destiny, but you're also willing to give fate a push in the right direction. If necessary, you'll even make a total fool of yourself to win him over. Romantics know that falling in love often means falling flat on your face.


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