Sunday, February 06, 2005

Antonio's Package

Last night was more of the Outfar Film Festival with K. Probably the most well attended of the three evening movies that K and I watched was Testosterone. Unlike most of the films at the festival, this film had some really big names and presumably a sizable budget. Antonio Sabato Jr. and David Sutcliffe (Gilmore Girls) headlined, with Jennifer Coolidge (American Pie films, Best in Show, Legally Blonde, etc.) stealing the show, as usual. The good: Unquestionably, the best part of this movie is getting to see Antonio Sabato Jr.'s unit. The man is gifted. Aside from that, the movie is pretty much a mess. Antonio isn't in it nearly enough. Very disappointing.

We also watched Poster Boy, about the gay son of a ultra-conservative Republican Senator, who is asked to be the family-friendly face of the Senator's campaign. A pretty bleak picture of the price of politics and what really goes on behind closed doors in campaigns.

The best picture of the evening, K and I agreed, was Dorian Blues. Essentially, this is about Dorian, a young gay teen going from high schooler to college in a conservative family. Certainly, the story is very similar to Poster Boy but a much different feel. Dorian Blues takes a much more humorous angle on a very difficult subject. Another big plus to Dorian Blues is Dorian's straight, hunky, golden boy little brother, Nicky, played by Lea Coco. Not only is Coco just a delight physically, the character is incredibly likable.

If you have a chance to see either Dorian Blues or Poster Boy, I would recommend them. If you want to see Antonio's package, Testosterone is the movie for you.

And let me say, K was quite a good trooper sitting through three movies last night.


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