Saturday, November 12, 2005

Friday Night Fun

My actual birthday was pretty boring, but Adam took me out last night to celebrate. I brought my camera along to give you a taste of the rip-roaring fun!

First stop was Malee's on Main, in Scottsdale, which is an excellent Thai place. In honor of Jonny, I've taken a shot of my Sweet and Sour Tamarind Chicken, which was excellent. The food was great and the company was engaging, with Adam and I discussing such important things as how there's just no point in watching TV unless its the WB, and how Shannon Doherty learned how to be a bitch in real life from starring in Heathers.

Next stop was over to Drift, a Tiki-themed bar in Scottsdale. Since our unique experience at Tiki Oasis in May, the opening of Drift set off my newly developed tiki radar. We had hit a tiki-themed gay bar in Palm Springs the night after Tiki Oasis, and this was a much different experience. While the tiki theme was apparent, there was also the ever-present Scottsdale (read: pretentious, but I'm trying to be nice) feel. Still, it was nice to bring back good memories of the Palm Springs trip via the tiki vibe. We saw a guy who looked like Brian Krause, who plays Leo on Charmed, only younger. He was attractive in a very Scottsdale (read: plastic) way.

Time was ticking, as I had to DJ at Club Miami later. So, we packed up the truck and moved to Amsterdam. Adam has an aversion to gay bars - he's worried about running into some former trick (but its been so long since Adam's tricked, I doubt anyone would remember him), but since it was my B-Day celebration, he came anyway.

Once we hit Amsterdam, we were lucky enough to watch one of my favorite bartenders, Robert, get in some hot and heavy tongue action with the shark at the patio bar. I have to admit that I was very turned on. Shark porn will be the next big craze, I can feel it.

Finally, as it got closer to my start time, Adam got a little antsy at the prospect of having to be in a gay bar by himself. So, I decided to let him scurry home, but not before I caught him feeling up Captain Morgan. Hey, Adam I guess you really are gay!


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