Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Gym Part II

So, it was back to the gym again today. And as R.J. had predicted, I am hella sore from Monday, but that's hardly a surprise. (Just for the record, I worked on the non-sore body parts today...) One of the drawbacks to starting at a new gym is that you don't know the flow of people yet. For example, I went roughly the same time I went on Monday and yet there were only a couple of guys that gave me the overwhelming urge to fellate them in front of the whole gym, as opposed to several on Monday. I suppose there were enough passable guys that I could have filled a reasonable quota, but there was definitely a lack of the same numbers and quality earlier in the week. The other thing is that I haven't really tried the evening yet. But the thing that really bothers me is this: Of the trainers that were there, there was only one that I really would have wanted to sleep with. Granted, he was tall, attractive and built, so that was a big plus. But out of the entire training staff I have seen so far, he is the only one that got my juices flowing. To make matters worse, I only saw him as I was walking out the door -- no chance to eye him as I worked out or anything. Let me tell you, that hurt, even more than the soreness from Monday's workout.


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