Friday, December 15, 2006


I know there have been some (Jake) who are struggling to get into the holiday spirit. Once again, I'm here to help. If the Reindeer Dogs didn't give you some jingle, there's still hope. Nothing says "Christmas" to me like Christmas ornaments of reindeer and snowmen in a variety of sexual positions. Apparently, Spencer Gifts agrees and had been selling a variety of sexually themed ornaments on its website and in its stores.

Of course, I (and Spencer Gifts) can't be trusted to make our own decisions on such an important issue as what we will put on our own Christmas Trees. Thank heavens for people like Hillcrest Baptist Church (Florida) Pastor Jim Patterson, who can save me from myself. He opines, "It says we are nothing more than sexual acts or physical beings and we are much more than that. We are spiritual beings and this is a spiritual holiday. And, why bring it to that level. It makes no sense to me." Well, if Pastor Jim doesn't understand it, then we sure as hell don't need it, right?

To the extent their argument is that kids could walk into the store and see this and other material that isn't appropriate for them, I can understand parents/community leaders wanting the store to prevent that. Granted, some of the people involved have focused on that aspect. I don't have an issue with them.

What DOES bother me is the segment determined to treat all of us like children -- Pastor Jim sums up this element -- "It is just sad they have to stoop to this kind of thing to defame Christmas... It's quite a leap we've made in 30 years of culture rot from mistletoe to Spencer's naked, tumescent elves and 'S&M Santa' tied up for a whipping." Listen, if someone wants to celebrate Christmas with a leather harness and a ball gag, the more power to them. Much like efforts to "protect traditional marriage," we're forcing living, breathing people to give up their freedoms to somehow "protect" abstract notions. In reality, these efforts are just efforts by cultural leaders to reinforce their attempts to run others' lives. I respect their right to live their lives in a manner they find to be moral and upright. I just wish they'd show others the same respect.

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